Welcome to Witty Writes.

Welcome to a messy and mixed up blog consisting of the crazy thoughts, ideas, stories, and poems of a stressed highschooler who loves chocolate and procrastinating on homework.

This is a blog about writing. It’s about expressing your ideas and being who you are through the words on a screen.

It’s also about acting as insane as possible and using way too many #this and #that.

Also, I suggest that if you don’t like chocolate you should leave immediately because there is a lot of chocolate on this blog.

And coffee.

And random mentions of food.

This blog may be crazy, but it is also a place where writers and readers can collaborate and share ideas. It’s an atmosphere full of fun, way too many words, and just a lot of love.

All are invited, and I hope each and every one of you find this little corner of the blogosphere worth your time.

Welcome to the community of Witty Writes, hosted by yours truly,

-monkeyeverything- 🙂