Mechanical Heart

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Mechanical Heart (brief summary):

In a world where only metal-free humans are allowed, a girl must survive as she determines friends from enemies, and undergoes trials that will test the very limit of her abilities. 

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Characters (so far):

img_0347Nova: The main character in Mechanical Heart, Nova is a mysterious, guarded, and suspicious character. She survived on her own for so long, she’s reluctant to accept any help from outsiders. However, certain events force her to work with others, and old memories resurface, causing emotional turmoil. Can she hold on long enough to survive?






img_0346Daren: A vital side character in Mechanical Heart and characterized by thoughtfullness and taking action, Daren has a lot of experience under his belt. He wants to help other Peers, but current circumstances make it difficult for him to protect his people. When things start spiraling out of control, he remains calm in order to make sure that things remain as they were. Deep in the recesses of his mind, however, personal feelings and agendas soon make his position more difficult than he could’ve imagined.




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