A Blogger’s Blog on Blogging


Because I have such vast experience in the world of blogging, and I’m such an expert blogger, I will bestow my very wise wisdom and advice upon you fortunate earthlings.

‘Cause I’ve totally had a blog for such a long time. Like a year?!


I’m a pro at this.

And I have less than 100 followers which means that my posting strategy WORKS SO WELL!!!!!!! LIKE REALLY!!

But on the more serious side, I HAVE actually learned a lot over the last year of blogging.

And even though I might not be the most successful blogger out there, I still think that I may have a little advice that at least half of one of you may want to hear…. I would suggest you choose the upper half of one of you.


In my EXTREMELY humble opinion, blogging is about personality.

It’s about character and it’s about YOU. You as in, you the writer/author/blogger.

Okay. Let’s break this down a bit.

Every blog, no matter what topic, starts with a motive.

Why are you starting a blog?

Motive is extremely important. Without a motive, you’ll be just ranting on and on about something that no one wants to hear about.

Like me, basically. 24/7.

For real, though. You need to ask yourself what your reasons are for choosing to start a blog. If you know your reasons, then your motives will pop out of every post you write.

One important aspect I want to point out is that you should never be blogging just to get followers. Every one of us bloggers has done that at SOME point. Maybe you haven’t reached that point yet, but you will.

It’s called “the social sickness”. In fact, I might even write a whole post on that…. I don’t know. It’s a catchy title.


Readers know when you’re just writing a blog post for followers. It doesn’t matter how hard you try or how much effort you put into it. If you’re only thinking about your follower count, then I have to tell you right off the bat… your blog will not make it at all.

People like authenticity. And you can’t be authentic if all you can think about is “what can I write about that will make people like me?”. This might sound like it falls under the personality category, but it doesn’t. Not really, at least. I guess it does a little, but…

Just bear with me.

So motive. Yeah, that’s important.

Speaking about personality… another thing that I’ve noticed is that blogging is all about personality. People like reading/following blogs with personality. Spruce up your website. Add little things that make it YOUR blog.

Be yourself.

What really bothers me is that some think that in order to have a successful blog, you have to write a certain way.

No, you don’t.

Just write the way YOU want to write, and write what YOU want to write!! Don’t let others dictate how your blog appears.

Just like motives, your personality is what makes your blog. When you write a post, don’t write and read over the same sentence five times and try to make it sound like Shakespeare.

You’re not writing an English paper.

You’re writing a post, you’re writing about something that you’re passionate about. And no one is going to recognize your passion if your personality is stifled behind correct grammar and complex sentence structure.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t make an effort to have a well-written post. On the contrary, actually. You SHOULD try to make your posts sound good and make sure that they are well-written.

All I’m saying is don’t get too caught up in making your posts sound like an essay.

If you’re striving for an informal and relatable blog, than make sure that your personality shines through in the way you write and what you write.

The last aspect of blogging I’m going to touch on is style. 

It kinda ties into personality, but it’s its own category all the same.

Style is about what your blog LOOKS like. Choose a theme/website that reflects you. You are the maker of the blog. So your style should be something recognizable, and your blog should look like something different.

Now don’t be like those people who think that its cool to be as different as possible… They try so hard to contradict everyone and have something that is completely weird that they mess up the purpose of being different.

You’re not being different or having a different style just to be obnoxious. You’re being different so you stand out in a way that reflects who you are and what you believe in.

Your style is part of what will draw people in. People like authentic style. Again, with the authenticity. Don’t choose a style that you don’t really like, but you think others will like.


Choose a style that YOU like, that YOU want to do.

Like I said, blogging is about you.

This isn’t the idea that “Oh, the world of blogging revolves around me” kinda thing… This is about blogging to have fun, to enjoy what you’re passionate about, and to share your experiences with others.

It’s not about the follower count or the English teacher.

It’s about enjoying what you do, and posting about things you love.

So yeah. Just a few things that I’ve learned over the past year.

Hope this was kinda, maybe just a little helpful…

And because I’m an amazing person, I’m going to ask everyone a question. Respond in teh comments with your answer:

If you’re an active blogger, what do you think YOU’VE learned about blogging?

If you aren’t a blogger, what do you think you would want to blog about if you ever decided to start one up?