A Dedication

Dedicated to the witnesses and victims of the stabbing that occurred May 1st, on the campus of University of Austin, TX. My thoughts and prayers go towards all who were affected. 


why was he there

standing so calmly

killing with vigor

knife flailing wrongly


a son, a daughter

people with lives

destroyed in an instant

no chance for surprise


why does it happen

these sick psychopaths

who delight in violence

who injure for fun


a student, a kid

a child with visions

goals and endeavors

still chasing their futures


why would he do it

destroy their lives

purposely, maliciously

wreak havoc on skies


a school without prestige

a life without future

a parent without child

a man without soul


why can’t we value

life as it is

a breath every second

a moment, a minute


i wonder if they were scared

or ready or bold

or wondering why he would choose them

to make his bloody move


i wish i could comfort

call and connect

with the families in mourning

weeping over lost friends


a prayer lifted up

for all those involved

aware that life is brief in passing

that death’s forever pending.




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