Mechanical Heart, Part 9

Finally!! Something interesting is happening in this next part. I hope you guys enjoy.

I feel so proud. I did a thing and designed a template. What do you think?

As usual, if you’re new, read the previous parts, and get a life:

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And now, Mechanical Heart, Part 9…


Part 9

When the cage slowly halts on the other side of the Weeper, I carefully open the door and jump out, scanning the area around me quickly. Wiping off the thin sheen of sweat that had coated my forehead during my trip, I shrug my backpack higher onto my shoulders and turn to my right, retracing my steps from this morning.

The rubble crunches under my boots, making my footsteps louder than I would have wanted. The shadows peered at me from under the destroyed buildings and shivers crept down my spine. Licking my lips nervously, I pick up a jog and pass the point where Daren had stopped the gang. Just thinking about running into the group of outlaw Peers makes me quicken my pace, keeping a watchful eye on my surroundings.

I turn left here, because I turned right on my way to the cliff… Ugh, I need a guide to get through this maze. I brush a few stray hairs out of my face and furrow my brows, trying to remember how I’d entered the Ruins.

“I can only go forward, can’t I?” I tell myself, instantly relaxing at the sound of a human voice breaking the silence. Bolstered by my own fake courage, I straightened my shoulders and ran through the rubble, jumping over the boulders and metal poles sticking out of the ground. I don’t glance up at the buildings towering above me, or the precariously hanging railings that are all that makes the buildings recognizable.

I have more important things to worry about.

The dim light from the moon makes it possible for me to see where I’m going, but the night air sends a chill through me, making my shiver in my thin jacket. I just need to get out of here, this place is giving me the creeps. I think to myself, as my feet slip and slide over the gravel and loose concrete.

It seems to stretch on forever, the shadows looking like ghosts that inhabit the empty buildings, the moonlight illuminating only so much of the rubble. Clouds drift across the sky, blocking out my light, forcing me to stop and wait for the moon to peek out again.

Kneeling down on a boulder, I stop to catch my breath and retie my boot, as I watch the clouds slowly move with the wind, revealing my only light. A crunch in the shadows to my left causes me to freeze, my hand suspended over my shoe.

I swallow hard and pretend to not have noticed, my hand shaking as it fiddles with my broken ties. My eyes, however, are peering into the shadows, trying to determine where the sound came from, trying to see into the darkness.

A few more rustles from from my right, and whipping my head around, I catch a glimpse of a form slipping into a gaping doorway. My hands start to shake even more as I hear more rustles and crunches on my left and right.

Standing up, I take a few steps forward and stop, listening. Nothing.

I take five steps forward and stop again. There. There it was, that tell-tale crunch of someone’s boot.

There are people out there, and they are watching me. I can only assume that they aren’t friendly.

My breath suddenly getting caught in my chest, I briskly begin to walk forward, keeping my head forward while my eyes dart back and forth, trying to catch a glimpse of my stalkers. The shadows seem to be moving, and I realize that there are forms there in the dim moonlight. They are watching me.

It’s too late to pretend I haven’t noticed them, so I break into a run, my boots pounding on the gravel as I slip and slide, my breath beginning to come in gasps. The instant I start to run, a raucous shout swells over the moonlit buildings and I can hear the pounding of feet on both sides of me.

Abandoning all thoughts of maybe walking away from this, I throw my heart and my soul into my escape, my body lurching as I try to keep my balance among the wreckage. My heart pounds. My lungs heave. My hands are clenched as they pump, trying to get every vestige of speed out of my legs.

I stop even trying to keep my balance as an almost blinding fear takes hold of me. My unknown attackers are on both sides of me, closing in. I can hear their crashes and noise as they leap through the buildings and dodge the looming pillars and fallen rocks that litter the place.

Leaping, jumping, tumbling, falling, getting back up, I quickly make my way down a small incline and find myself in something that once must have been a plaza or square. Here, there is less wreckage, and the concrete is smooth, lines and different colors decorating the ground. I stop, gasping for breath as I turn around and around in  a circle.

The noise is louder, and forms are running out and surrounding me, lining the incline. I grab my gun and pull it out, pointing it at the shadowy figures entrapping me.

“Make one move toward me and I’ll shoot!” I warn, my voice trembling.

A moment of silence greets my words, and a second later, they all begin to laugh, mocking me. Ignoring me as I shake the gun at them, they all begin to descend at once, running at me. I gasp in surprise and instantly pull the trigger at one of them.

A hideous squeal fills the night, and not stopping to reflect on it, I aim at another of my stalkers and fire, missing completely. I grit my teeth and run forward, shooting two bullets into a shadow on my right.

Suddenly, they are all upon me, hands grabbing mine and arms wrapping around my neck. Someone squeezes my wrist and stomps on my boot, making me drop my gun. Metal touches my skin and something hard is being coiled around my wrists as my arms are dragged behind my back.

I fight viciously, my body writhing and flailing as I try to get free. Before I can loosen even a leg, I see someone raise a large stick above my head, and then, everything gets dark.

“Ow.” my eyes slowly open and I sit up, wincing as my vision flickers and blue specks appear before me. My eyes quickly adjust to the morning light and I sit up straight as I realize where I’m sitting.

I’m in a cage.

Thick metal bars surround me, and the wall behind me is bouncing up and down. I can only imagine what kind of vehicle I’m on. My hands are still tied behind my back and I can barely feel my fingers. Still, I flop over onto my side and awkwardly climb onto my knees, shimmying over to the side of my cage to look out. I’m being transported through the Ruins; by whom, I don’t know.

At least I know where I am. I think, as I gaze upon the crumbling buildings and fallen structures of the Ruins. It all looks the same. The cage I’m on lurches and comes to a stop, the floor ceasing its jolting. I take the opportunity to relax and I twist my arms back and forth, trying to loosen my bonds.

A loud clanging behind me causes me to jump and look. My heart sinks as I stare into the face of the man who started it all.

“Hello, sweetheart, remember me?” Leo Finesse said, his hideous half-face grinning up at me.

I grit my teeth and scoot as far away from him as possible, my back pressing up against the opposite bars.

He cackles just a bit, and leans forward. “How does it feel to be in a cage?”

I resist the urge to spit in his face, instead contenting myself with leaning forward and replying, “How’s your leg?”

His grin disappears and he glares at me, his hands clutching the bars. I notice a metal finger in the place where his thumb should be.

“You’ll regret that. Just wait.” He stares at me, as if staring at me could cause me to burst into flames.

“Where am I? Who are you? What’s going on?” I ask, craning my head around to try and see why we stopped.

The grin reappears on Leo’s face. “You’re in a cage, and I’m a Crawler. Welcome to the Testing.” 



I decided not to do a poll, since it’s about time that there’s a cliff hanger.

Stay tuned for Tuesday, where I’ll be posting answers to another tag/award!



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