Something for You to Do!!

So, I was trying to come up with things that would be a little more interactive for this blog.

It does get boring just reading about someone else’s life or writing and never being able to do something yourself…

So… I THINK I’ve found something that’s going to be hilarious and fun at the same time.


If you don’t think so, please shout it out to the world while playing Chubby Bunny at the same time. (good luck with that.)

Here’s my idea:

I know you guys requested more short stories, but short story ideas are hard to come by. And since my writer’s block is choking my inspiration to death, you guys are going to help a little.

In the comments below, please put two crazy and absurd and totally unrelated ideas (e.g. green superhero, deadly Sharpie) and hopefully by this Saturday, I’ll have written a weird and completely messed up story.

But you have to help!

And this will be fun for you because you can see how your idea was incorporated and used and misunderstood… That’s always fun, right?

But for real. Please respond in the comments if you would like to participate, and you could always add a main character or something weird.

It has to be crazy!!

Hope you guys are as bored and excited as I am, XD



25 thoughts on “Something for You to Do!!

  1. Some goldfish who are bored with their lives in the fish tank and try to escape, and a horrible plane crash at sea that leaves only one survivor.

    Is that too much?

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