People are People

Hey everyone!

I hope you guys had an awesome spring break! I did, and it just so happened that my birthday was last week as well, so #yay #excited #tooOld

I was planning on taking the whole week of spring break off of posting and I did, but it felt so boring not getting any feedback!! I never realized how much I enjoy hearing from you all and reading your comments. It’s crazy to think that 46 people actually read this…

Which brings me to the topic of my post today… it’s a bit more deep than normal, so if you’re one of those shallow people who can’t understand anything unless it’s surrounded by butterflies and rainbows, I suggest you leave now. 

Behold, an introspective look into reality from the three-dimensional view of a snail.

(That didn’t make any sense so just ignore that. )


This past Sunday, I was driving home on the highway from my church, and I happened to glance in the rearview mirror at the road behind me. I think after looking at all the cars stretching out at my back, it really struck me that every single one of those cars holds a human being, an intelligent mind.

There were other people driving around me, other people who had souls, dreams, families, friends, purposes, accomplishments, feelings. We all get so caught up in our own little world, that we sometimes fail to appreciate the big one. The big world that we actually live and breathe in and are a part of.

From our own perspective, everyone around us is a person. We understand that. But if we really think of what a person is… and how many people there actually are… it’s incredible. Each person that you encounter – the woman behind the desk, the man painting the house – they all have purposes in this world. They all can make an impact or be impacted on.

We get so focused on how we can make our own lives better, we fail to realize the significance of making someone else’s life better. Whatever you say, write, or do can make a change on a person’s dreams, goals, thoughts, maybe even their soul. So why does it take a ‘deja vu’ moment to make us realize that every person surrounding us can be helped or hindered? Why does it boggle the mind to try and realize that there are millions of people in the world who think the same as you, feel the same as you, have goals the same as you?

Maybe our sight is limited. Maybe our eyes are still a bit squinted, hoping to shut the light out. Maybe our minds are closed against the truth.

The truth that we aren’t as important as we unconsciously think we are. That once we die, we’ll be forgotten by the generations to come. That the other people in this world don’t care if we succeed or fail, if we make it through.

To others, we are just numbers on a statistics board, a percentage of the population not worth noticing. Another face in the crowd.

Don’t feel depressed, because here’s where the confusing part comes in.

That person sitting across from you, that mother pushing a cart, they’ve all thought that exact same thing.

Let’s hope they’ve understood what comes with that realization.

If we want to make a difference, we need to stop thinking about people as faces, humans, others. We need to stop thinking of people as percentages, numbers. Because we might feel that others think that way about ourselves, we don’t realize that we are guilty of the exact same thing.

The only way to cure that thinking is to start thinking about how to make a difference. No, this is not a cliche saying “make a difference, blah blah blah.” Because maybe the saying of “make a difference” isn’t so cliche after all. Maybe someone tried to convince others that every single person around the world has a soul and a mind and needs help and wants to do something. And because we realize the truth in it, but forget truth so quickly, “make a difference” became an over used line that now doesn’t mean anything.

Well, maybe it should.

Maybe we should try to make an impact on everyone we meet, try and realize that that person is the same as you, try and realize that others are more important than you.

If everyone did that, the effect would be that no one is ignored, no one is forgotten, no one is left behind.

Person helps person, and that person helps another, and so on.

This isn’t a lecture, it’s an idea. It’s a statement.

Souls can be changed, minds can be uplifted, lives can be helped.

But it all starts with a realization. Let’s try and make that happen, shall we?



16 thoughts on “People are People

  1. This. Just…this. I have thought about this sometimes, but I always seem to forget it.

    And I really shouldn’t.

    This is why I want to write. I want to impact lives. I want to speak to the people who I would otherwise never get to talk to. I want to connect with the people who are hurting, and who need a lift up out of the darkness.

    This post was beautiful, and it really got me thinking. 🙂 Thank you for this!

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  2. I have this realization a lot, and really, it doesn’t take much to help another person 🙂 I’ve talked to people in super market lines and talked to an old woman in the baby clothes section about her first grandchild to let her know that hey, someone notices you. Stopping by someone in church that you don’t know and going “hey, this is really random, but your hair looks lovely today and I thought you should know.” It doesn’t take much and it’s worth so much to them. ❤

    Happy belated birthday! 🙂

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    • So true!!! It really doesn’t take that much. I think a lot of people confuse mission trips and going to the other side of the world as “making a difference” but just showing someone that you care is the same thing and sometimes more worthwhile. So yeah, I agree completely. Thanks for reading!!!!
      Aw thank you so much!! XD ❤

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  3. “Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay… small acts of kindness and love.” — Gandalf

    Great post, I loved this! How old did you turn? I’m gonna guess… hmmmmm… 17? Congratulations!

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