Mechanical Heart, Part 7 (part 2)

Hey everyone, I hope you guys didn’t mind waiting two weeks for the next part. Let me know if it’s too spread out. Sometimes if a story is separated by a larger period of time, you’ll lose connection with the characters, plot, etc. So just let me know if the two week schedule is too long.

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(Part 7 continues…)

I keep my mouth shut as Daren leads me to my “luxurious hotel suite” as Meq so elegantly said it. I ignore the curious stares and glances of the other Peers as we walk through the dirt “street”.

“Here it is.” Daren stops in front of a small wooden building with Peers lounging on the porch, bent over various pieces of mechanical equipment in their hands.

One remarkably pretty Peer stands up, her long black hair falling over her back. She folds her arms and steps in front of me.

“Who’s this?”

Any feeling that we might be friends vanishes with that statement. Her mouth is curled into something that resembles a scowl and a smirk.

“This is Nova. She’s new here, and she’ll be staying here until permanent housing is found.” Daren looks very annoyed, his scowl deepening to match hers. They obviously don’t like each other.

“Well, make that quick. We don’t like kinds like her living here.”

“We?” The question escapes my lips before I can stop it.

Turning to glare at me, the girl leans in closer, her superior height making me feel small. “We means everyone here, idiot. You’re not wanted. And I suggest-“

“Stacy. That’s enough. Beat it.” Daren cuts in quickly, his voice brooking no argument. With a defiant toss of her hair she turns away. I almost gasp at the sight of her neck before catching myself.

Ribboned with streaks of metal, the top part of her neck is barely human. Hoping the hostile Peer hadn’t noticed my surprise, I straighten up and follow Daren up across the porch, our boots echoing on the wooden planks.

“You can sleep here at night, and in the day, do whatever you want. You won’t be assigned a position or job yet, but once we find out exactly what you are, you’ll be put where you belong.”

That’s it. “What is wrong with you guys? Stop talking to me like I’m some kind of freak that doesn’t belong anywhere! I don’t care what you people say or think. I’m only here because I have no where else to go, and if I don’t get the respect I deserve, you’d better believe I won’t stay here another second!”

“Respect? Listen, spacegirl, as far as we know, you don’t deserve any respect. You’re not more important than anyone here so I suggest you shut your mouth right now before you get yourself in trouble.”

“Excuse me? And don’t call me spacegirl!” I shout as Daren turns away and stomps down the porch, passing the group of Peers hard at work. Gritting my teeth, I stomp my foot before realizing how childish my motion was. Taking a deep breath and relaxing my clenched fists, I take the time to observe my surroundings.

Daren gave me a small room, more luxurious than anything I’ve ever slept in. An old mattress and a tattered love seat complete the furniture in the tiny bedroom. I peek out into the restrictive hallway and notice that it’s lined with doors similar to mine.

Definitely something like a hotel, I think to myself. Shutting my door, I sink down onto my bed, chewing my lip speculatively. I don’t know why they want me here other than to study me, to find out why I have what I have. But they won’t ever find out. I won’t tell them.

The rumbling of my stomach interrupts my thoughts, and I slip off my backpack, groaning a little at the relief in my back. Unzipping the main pocket, I slip my hand into it and pull out the food I’d snitched at the store this morning. Nibbling slowly on it, I find no pleasure in the taste. Stealing isn’t something I enjoy. It’s something that’s necessary to survive. Opening the bag of crackers, I sigh in satisfaction at the crunch my teeth make as they grind up the food.

Food brings a comfort that nothing else can, and I feel my brain beginning to work faster, more clearly. I think about my options. Right now, I’m outnumbered, and a Peer would stop me before I could get ten yards away from here. Plus, I don’t know my way around. If I get lost, it could mean death for me and my kitten I left behind. I pause in my speculation for a moment of worry over my friend. Trip might be resilient, but he’s small, and there aren’t too many rats for him to eat.

I have to get away from here. My resolve hardens in my chest. I start as an abrupt knock interrupts my thoughts. I jump up and open the door. The Peer, Stacy, is standing in front of me, her bare arms folded, an expression of annoyance painted all over her features.

“What do you want?” I ask, fed up with being treated like an animal.

“First of all, what I want is to never have to see you again and be left alone. But Daren,” she says his name with as much disgust as can be forced into a single word. “He wants me to keep an eye on you. I think he’s afraid you’re going to run away.”

“Um, you think I’m just gonna let you watch me or something?” I ask, my eyebrows raising at her audacity.

“Listen, in my opinion, it’s best just to let you run off. Who cares about you?” Stacy shrugs and tilts her head away, her lips making a straight line in her face.

My ears perk up a bit, sensing an opportunity. Forcing as much nonchalance in my voice, I reply, “You’re right. Who cares about me? But I love it here so much, it’s my dream home. I was so hoping you could show me around, maybe explain the history of the Weeper to me.” I hope fervently that she didn’t hear the sarcasm in my voice as I utter the words.

The expression I was hoping for, one of greed and cunning, slides over her face. She straightens up and glances at me slyly. “Hm, I think it would probably be good to show you around. Maybe take you out to the cable. Lots of things could happen.”

She must think I’m an idiot, because I can clearly understand what she means. She wants to get rid of me, for whatever reason, and I’m perfectly willing to let her do that. It’s almost dark, so the best time for a getaway would be now. But can I get away with it? Is it too risky?

Hope you guys liked it, and because I’m such an amazing person *thanks for the chocolate* I have a picture for you of our new character!!! Thank you once again to Indy for sending me the picture!



Stacy, our interesting, hostile, new person

So, hope you guys enjoyed it, and  I’ll see u guys Tuesday or whenever.


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