Mechanical Heart, Part 7 (part 1)

Sorry about the delay. 

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And now, I present to you Mechanical Heart, Part 7, (Part 1):

Part 7


“I don’t blame you for not trusting us, I wouldn’t trust us either. But the fact is, you aren’t safe anymore.” Daren says, his calm, smooth voice filling in the tense silence as I stand by the door, debating on whether to run.

“What are you talking about? I’m fine. I’ve survived this long.” I reply, not wanting to listen.

“Those Inspectors that were chasing you, they know you’re a Peer. They won’t stop until you’re found.” He argues, gazing at me steadily.

I close my eyes in frustration, remembering this morning. “My place is hidden. I doubt they could find it.”

“They can find anything if they actually want to. They just need the proper motivation.”


“Listen, a Peer is the best motivation they could get.”

I suddenly become aware of the other people in the room staring at us. The three men notice me glancing around, and all of us step out of the building, closing the door behind us and giving us some semblance of privacy.

I lower my voice as we stand in a small huddle on the wooden porch. “I don’t like how you’re trying to keep me here. There’s nothing here that could make me want to stay.”

Weatherby and Daren roll their eyes at each other. Meq isn’t saying anything, just standing out of it.

“Listen to me, you don’t get it, do you? You’re not safe.”

“So? Why do you care?!”

Weatherby just shakes his head. “Personally, I don’t care if you learn your lesson the hard way.”

“Well, that’s good to know.” I reply, warily watching his gestures, muscles tensed for another attack.

“But what you have, the kind of metal that’s in your chest is something that the Government would kill to get.”

“So, basically, you just want to keep me here so the Government won’t score. Right?”

“Pretty much.”

“Well, what makes you think that I’ll let myself be caught by the Inspectors?”

Daren interrupts by burying his face in his gloved hands and groaning loudly. I turn to him.


“They’re everywhere. Do you even hear what you’re saying? They’ll get you before you have a chance to even run. You only got away because you went into the Ruins.”

“So I’ll go back to the Ruins. They won’t follow me in there.”

This time, Meq is the one who speaks up. “They will if they’re allowed.”

Confused, I turn toward him, my defensive stance for once interrupted. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, they didn’t follow you because they aren’t allowed. The Government forbids their employees to enter the Ruins. But once the Government has a good reason to enter the Ruins, they will, and they’ll go after you.”

I gulp, starting to see that my predicament has no exit. “What stops them from coming after me now?”

“The Government requires a two-time sighting to issue a warrant to enter the Ruins. Once those Inspectors see you twice, and they willsee you twice, you have nowhere to hide.”


I’m sorry that this chapter was so short. And I’ve decided to change my posting schedule. Posting a chapter once a week isn’t working for me, I’m busy, lots of school, etc. So I’m going to post every other week. So after next Saturday, the Saturday after THAT will be Part 7 (part 2). 

Thanks for reading!



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