Gimme Feedback!

I’ve decided to do something a little different this time. Instead of me telling YOU what to do, you shall tell ME what to do.

Below are a set of polls that you shall answer. I’ve had this blog for a while, and the number of followers is increasing. I want to make sure that the content this blog provides is something that everyone can enjoy.


Talk to me.

Let the interrogation begin!! *evil laughter and lots of chocolate*

Add anything you would like into the comments!

We’re almost to 50 followers!!!!! *cheers*

Oh, I apologize for not posting Mechanical Heart, Part 7 last weekend. I’ve been sick and pretty busy, but I hope to have the next part up by this Saturday. Sorry again!

See you soon,


By the way, what did you think of the new poll look? I thought it was cute 😉 Kinda hard to read the words though… I think I’m gonna stick to the poll look I had originally… It was worth a shot though.




11 thoughts on “Gimme Feedback!

  1. Ahh!!! Congrats on nearly 50 stalkers!!! That is AMAZING!!!! *cheers with you*

    These polls were extremely fun!!! If I might be so bold as to ask a stupid question, how did you set them up?? I’m trying to figure out how to do quizzes and polls, but I honestly have no clue what I’m doing! 😂😂😂

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  2. 50 stalkers😂 I love the new polls look! It wasn’t that hard to read. And I like your writing style of just saying what you’re thinking. That’s fun to read. Also, nice new profile picture! 😀

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