A Hunter’s Song

The men shout

Fill the forest with sound

Hooves pound as they

Chase it to the ground

Excitement in the air

Wind blowing through their hair

The bugle sounds 

-baloo, haloo-

Its feet lightly touch

The ground on which it runs

Thinking it’s all fun

The hounds chasing it down

Are mere playthings found

For its enjoyment

The bugle sounds

-baloo, haloo-

A sight of their quarry

Erases any need to tarry

In the forest through which they’re running

A white flash of tail

A hound’s renewed hail

Of glee at the chase

The bugle sounds

-baloo, haloo-

Still on it runs

Feeling the warmth of the sun

Not minding the strain

Of outrunning the men

Filled with ten

Ounces of courage

The bugle sounds

-baloo, haloo-

“We’ve almost got it!”

The men shout as they laugh it

Urging the horses past it

The hounds trying to catch it

Round it up like a basket

Caught in the nets of entrapment

The bugle sounds 

-baloo, haloo-

Before too long

It’s realized it’s not a game

They’re playing while

Chasing it tame

Hounds out for blood

Their paws in the sod

It feels the fear of the prey

The bugle sounds 

-baloo, haloo-

At last they’ve caught

What for so long they’ve sought

Trapped in a ring of trees

And closer they move

Till arrows they shoot

Piercing beautiful hide of the free

The bugle sounds

-baloo, haloo-

Slowly it kneels

Hardly knowing what it feels

Pain being foreign to mind

Still bravely it fights

Pushing back on the ropes

Cutting into it’s bonny brown hide

The bugle sounds

-baloo, haloo-

After all the excitement

The men sit in silence

Solemn in the face of Death

For victory’s sweet but when life’s

Held by the teeth

They can’t help but admire the grit

The bugle sounds

-baloo, haloo-

Mist creeping in

Breath growing thin

It realizes its end has come

Still it passes away wth dignity

Closing its eyes with complete serenity

Comfortable in its resting place

The bugle sounds 

-baloo, haloo-





2 thoughts on “A Hunter’s Song

  1. You’re really good at writing poems like these! I enjoy them. 😃 This one reminds me of the lord’s hunt in the book Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

    Liked by 1 person

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