E-books and Paper

There is a new dilemma facing the readers of our time.

Books, or books.

What format of books is best? E-books or the old paper novels?

To me, it honestly doesn’t really matter what type you read. People try to make a big deal out of it as if it’s going to affect the content of the book if you read it on your iPad or in between hard plastic.

I have a preference, of course. Everybody does. But allow me to try to sum up each side.

Let us begin.

*studious cough*





  • Easy to carry around. Admit it, you hardcore readers. If you have a 700 page bound book, it gets kinda clunky to drag around, right? You can have a 100xs larger book on your electronic, and it’ll take up a tiny space in your pocket.
  • Available in different formats/languages. Read a different format? No problem. E-books make it possible to buy a popular book in a different format easily without having to search in every bookstore or  go crazy trying to find it. (#alreadyinsane)
  • Convenient. Especially if it’s on a phone, you’ll have it with you all. the. time. No need to have to remember to bring it with you in a backpack or handbag, it’s going to be right there in your pocket. I bring my iPhone everywhere. If I want to read my book, I just bring it up and start. I don’t need to lay down everything and sit down and pull out a book and turn pages and… #work
  • Fit for all ages. Those who are little tots can click it up and read their 1st grade level. Those who’ve been reading for the past 65 years, can adjust the letter size and the lighting, making it more suitable for their eyesight.

Bound Books:




  • Easy to annotate and skim for key phrases. Yes, you can search for key words on E-books. But flipping through for that something you can’t really remember? You can’t do that on a Kindle, or iPad, or computer or whatever. I should know. I’ve tried until I almost died and smashed my electronic in frustration and screamed into my pillow and stress-ate chocolate. 
  • Satisfying to hold. This is my own little experience. Nothing beats the feel of a real book in your hands as you flip through the pages. It just makes it more real. No, I’m not a sentimental person. But I fall in love with books. Not only for their content, but for the magic that comes when you can just squuuuueeeeezzzzeeee that book in your hands and spaaaaaaaaaaaassmmmmmm because it was so goooooooood and the pages are so delightfully booooooooooookish and aaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHH
  • For visual leaners. Okay. It’s words. I get it. But really, with a material book, you can memorize easier because of places on the page, the feeling of flipping each one and skimming. Pictures line up with the pages, and everything makes more sense.
  • Easier on the eyes. It is scientifically proven that electronic’s screens hurt your eyes. And if you’re like me, you’re going to be reading books for hours on end. That can damage your vision.

So there you have it. Sum of both sides.

It’s up to you of course, but I’m for material books, even though some of my favorite reads are on my iPad XD #goals

And it doesn’t matter. E-books are probably more practical, but bound books are more magical.

So why are you reading? For practicality, or magic?




14 thoughts on “E-books and Paper

  1. This is so true! I prefer physical books, but considering the weight of my backpack when I bring five thick hardcovers on a trip… I’ve learned that e-books are really convenient sometimes. (And classics on Kindle cost next to nothing, so why not get them?!)

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  2. I got a tablet for my birthday AND SUDDENLY THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL. As much as I hate to admit it, I rarely use my tablet for reading… Even though I have 200+ books on there. Sometimes I forget they are on there. It’s stupid… But I can’t get over how much I adore picking up a real book and flipping pages and seeing my progress as I read and being able to slam it closed when I’m done…

    Virtual books just ain’t the same.

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