Inspiring Photos

Most people find inspiration through reading, watching movies, and looking at pictures. I love, absolutely love, looking at pictures that visualize my book. It really stirs up my creative juices. Here are some photos I found to be especially inspiring. Enjoy!



Hoped  these pictures inspired you! I find that photos really help coming up with stories or loglines. Comment about which photo was your favorite and if you thought of an idea, feel free to share! 🙂

Until next time (and until the next actually informative post),



13 thoughts on “Inspiring Photos

  1. Okay, but these pictures are so pretty!! Sometimes I find it hard to write basing off pictures but I did it recently and actually really liked the story that came out of it, good luck writing to you! 🙂

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  2. Loved the flowers/rain/cupped hands theme you had going on here!

    And where do find such lovely pictures??? I (unlike the rest of the world, it seems!) do not find Pinterest all that helpful… At least for what I’m interested in.

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    • Thanks!!
      Yeah, I’m pretty careful with finding photos on the internet because there is always the copyright issue, but sometimes there are free pictures on Google and has AMAZING free photos you can download and use for whatever you want. Also, there are apps you can download that have free pictures as well. 😉 But definitely check out The photos on that site are amazing!!!


      • Ugh! Sorry it took me so long to reply to this! (I’ll blame it on NaNo…) I will definitely ckeck out that site!

        It’s so hard, right??? Like Pinterest pictures are up for grabs, right??? And basically all gifs. And stuff from movies or TV because no one OWNS that… But just like random stuff you find on Google???? I mean, I don’t WANT to steal but why the heck does it come up when I Google “dude with metal leg” (or whatever – that was the least-creepy examples I could come up with)????


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