Late Nights


It’s a slippery slope.

A never ending battle.

A sundae with no bottom.

A hazard in disguise.

Staying up late when you write is an amazing and awful experience. It can make your writing superb or it can make you fall, and fall, and fall until you can’t get back up again.

To tell you the truth, it’s usually the latter.

And this is coming from me who is writing this way past my bedtime…

But now you can trust I’m telling you this from experience.

When a writer brings his world alive late at night, inspiration will thrive. It will thrive for an hour, maybe two, maybe even three. Exhausted, it will yawn and nod and leave. Inspiration will leave for its cubby hole, guarded by WB (aka w-r-i-t-e-r-s b-l-o-c-k).

The next morning, the writer will be pumped with the new material he wrote way too late that past night/way too early that morning. He’ll knock on Inspiration’s door, all the while trying to avoid WB. But Inspiration doesn’t answer.

He’s sleeping. A deep, deep sleep.

WB has seen the writer. WB shouts and runs and catches the writer before he can escape. And there you go.

Now you can spend the next few weeks trying to wake up Inspiration with whatever: movies, books, blankets, coffee, gum, skydiving, drinking a dozen bottles of carrot juice…You name it.

It will take forever.


Inspiration is tired! You wore him out! He needs to sleep!

And how did you wear him out?

By staying up past the time when your body can function properly. You forced Inspiration into shut-down mode because your body wasn’t able, wasn’t READY to be deprived of some much needed sleep.

Inspiration is like a muscle. If you try to do a cardio work out in the middle of the night…your muscles would protest and shut down on you and make you groan and moan the next morning because they needed to rest, they needed to sleep.

Don’t stay up too late writing. It will only make your life miserable afterwards.

Feeling extremely sleepy,



10 thoughts on “Late Nights

  1. Oh my word, this is the 100% complete truth. I’m extremely thankful I didn’t stay up until midnight to write last night for the start of NaNo, because I got a head-start this morning, and was able to knock out 1,000 words before breakfast. (Either that or I hit the 1,000 mark during breakfast? I can’t remember now…)

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