Book-Room Challenge!

I was tagged to complete the Book-room Challenge! The amazing fellow blogger and other person doing screenwriting who tagged me is Victoria NightSky, go check out her blog at ( BECAUSE SHE ROCKS! (Please forgive that complete run-on sentence)

So here’s the book-room challenge photo thing which was created by Writefury, another awesome blogger who first tagged Victoria…


So basically, what I have to do is:

  1. Write three of my own books as rooms. They can be finished, works in progress, or even just ideas, but they have to be my own.
  2. Write one of my favorite books to read as a room.
  3. Tag five other people

Here it goes…*deep breath, flexing fingers*

Rooms of my own books:


Alena thinks she’s seen it all. Even with the world being destroyed around her, she believes that she can take care of herself and her family at the same time. But when things take a turn for the worst and she loses a loved one, she realizes that her life is more fragile than she first thought. Surrounded by enemies and not sure of whom to trust, Alena must make her own decisions about the world she lives in and the people surrounding her. 

Torn wallpaper is hanging from nicked walls, and the floorboards are sagging. An old table stands in the middle of the room, its scratched surface supporting moldy apples and stale bread. Despite the carpet on which the table is standing, the room is spare and cold, giving the sense of a different time and age where things were happy and bright. Two windows decorate the left wall, and let dusty light through to reveal a worn sofa, its once bright flowers completely faded, its material rough and coarse. Despite the meager surroundings, a discarded carved animal laying on the table and the handmade wooden dagger gives the room life, telling a story of hope.

The Invaders…: 

Taken from his prison, a boy discovers that his efforts can save the lives of others. (Don’t mind that awful summary, I only have a few paragraphs of this idea) 

A futuristic hologram is projected on the wall, showing a map of who-knows-what. A white leather couch faces the hologram, interesting red pillows placed in the corners. On the right-hand side, a hovering glass circle carries two red mugs, steam rising out of them. The walls of the room are decorated with red and white symbols, reaching up and below, covering every inch of the black walls. Three tall windows are in the front of the room, red curtains covering the strange glass. A red table stands in the corner, it’s accompanying chairs black and white, creating a clash of colors. Rugs, made from some strange material, lay on the floor, softening the surroundings and creating some measure of warmth to the room. Despite the rich furniture, the sparse decorations make you feel dread inside, something cold. From somewhere within the walls, music plays hauntingly.

{Title undecided}…

Gifted with unusual powers, Jocelyn is targeted and forced to choose between two sides. Faced by judgment and the knowledge of her parents’ murderer, she is conflicted. Betrayed by everyone she knows, Jocelyn must decide. (Again, this other idea is foggy. Forgive the vague summary)

A mix of medieval and futuristic decorations brings this room to life. Leaves and bark create the walls, filtering in light. Sunlight brings into view a totally wood room. Different colors flit through the air: red, yellow, orange. Light wood makes up three chairs in the left-side corner, cushioned with shiny material that seems to go in and out of focus. A cheerful fireplace pops on the right, somehow not bringing the whole room down in flames. Tables float above the floor and support mouth-watering food.

Room of one of my fav. books:

The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien: 

(I know, I know. I just LOVE this book so much, and the descriptions of Middle Earth are breath-taking. Please do not judge this horrible room.)

Made of stone and precious gems, this room is definitely an oddity. A long but short table graces the middle of the floor with a feast laid out. Meat, wine, pastries fill the table with enough food to feed an army of hungry soldiers. A huge fireplace that stretches from the ceiling to the floor gives warmth and light. Odd axes and heavy-looking weapons are carelessly thrown in the corner, with square-toed boots stacked beside them. Furry, short cloaks line the wall, and brightly-burning candles are situated nearby, probably a fire hazard. Pointed caps and hoods are thrown on a short and long  bench on the left wall, deep imprints in the cushions suggesting that the inhabitants are used to sitting in habitual places. The crumbs on the floor and spilled drinks also suggest poor manners and social isolation.

Can you guess what kind of people inhabit that room? 

Wow, that took a TON longer than I thought it would. Was a really awesome challenge though!!

So to tag people…I’m tagging… *dramatic music* :

//The Plink Writer// //Indie// //The Tiny Unicorn//

If you want to complete the challenge as well, send me the link to your completed post! I would love to read about your rooms!

I hope you liked my rooms. Forgive any grammar mistakes I may have made…XD

And that’s that! I have completed that challenge!

And now I have to go restore my depleted energy with yummy food.

See ya!!




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