Lists of Love

Never underestimate your organizational skills. NEVER.

They may save your life…

When it comes to writing, you will need to make lists. A lot of them.

I call them: lists of love.

Before I started getting serious about writing, I thought writing down your plot, characters, etc. was a lot of baloney.


But when story after story was discarded and never finished, I started thinking about those lists.


My life just got a whole lot better. So let me encourage you to not give in to laziness and to actually write down major points of your plot.

But first, write down your characters. Choose interesting names; names that will capture the imagination of your reader and bring that character to life.

Second, download a plot outline or make one of your own. Spend as much time as is necessary to write down what’s going to happen. Don’t write it in brief sentences, write it in a paragraph.

(eg. Thrust into New World: Bob buys a book on healthy eating. He tries out his new shake-machine and follows thehealthynut blog on WordPress. Bob joins a health club down the street, despite it all being woman. He gets briefed on how much vegetables to eat and how many calories he should cut out of his meals.)

That was an awful example, but try something like that. Don’t write one sentence. I’ve had people tell me to make it as cryptic as possible. But how are you going to remember exactly what you want to happen if it’s in three words?photo-1455390582262-044cdead277a.jpeg

Third, go back to your character list and describe each one in one paragraph using complete sentences.

(eg. Bob- Bob is a 30-year-old man in love with his high school friend who is a health nut. He wants to earn her respect so he resolves to eat healthy. Bob is somewhat lazy and comical. He never really cares about what he looks like, and he likes to listen to U2 when taking a shower. His favorite tie is orange and blue polka-dot.)

I hope this helps. Believe me, it REALLY works. You may not have all the details worked out, but it will get your brain moving, and help you envision how you want your story to go.

Love your lists,



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