Fall Taste

A photo by Rula Sibai. unsplash.com/photos/nIkuMWT4ImcOkay.

This post is totally unrelated.


But I’m writing it because I want to, and it’s about something very dear to me:


I have officially had my first taste of Fall today. And it wasn’t something super dramatic, and it wasn’t some kind of fancy dish. It was simple and ORGANIC.

Brace yourselves, here it comes:

Cinnamon Graham Crackers.

Don’t laugh. (Even though I’m cracking up writing this because it’s so ridiculous.)

Annies Homegrown Organic Cinnamon Grahams.


Yum, yum, yummy.

So it’s just graham crackers? Yeah.

But they’re really tasty.

I guess I decided to write this because it just hit me that Fall is right around the corner, and we’d better get out all the stuff we usually use for that kind of weather.

And also, summer is almost over… no more refreshing lemonade on a hot day, or delightfully cold popsicles in 100 degree heat that immediately melt and drip down your hand and your arm staining your clothes…

Another summer gone. Time goes so quickly.

But yeah. Cinnamon Grahams. XD


*stomach growling, mouth watering*

Yummy food.


P.S. Next post will be more related to writing… 🙂



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